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The Dijjit Referral network is quite simple, we create and manage relationships with vendors that are connected to potential real estate transactions and then provide the leads to you.  This can be lenders, financial advisors, builders, other Realtors and more.  Most importantly our network relies on trust.  Let’s show you why trust is essential for how our network works.
1. Our partners as they meet people who are preparing to move and need a Realtor refer them to Dijjit and one of our licensed Realtors.


2. Our Realtor then provides that lead to a previously vetted and invited Realtor in the area the lead is moving to.  This all happens automatically through our software.
3. Because the lead originates from partners that may have various regulations that govern and often prohibit compensation in any way, they are relying on you to do a great job and to do your part to make sure that your new lead continues to use their service.  Dijjit software facilitates communication between all partners so that you are always kept in the loop.
For example: You are driving a Dijjit lead around showing them homes and you discover that they are looking for cheaper rates with other lenders that compete with the lender that provided you the lead.  A courtesy call informing the referrer will give them a chance to fairly retain that business they already had.  Intentionally steering leads away from referrers will result in you being removed from the system.
4. With the three of you working together (you, the referrer and the lead) you will get weekly emails asking for updates that automatically go to the appropriate parties, keeping everyone in the loop.  For example, when you go under contract, all parties are notified.
5. When you sell the lead a home, you pay the Dijjit referring Realtor a standard 35% real estate referral fee.  If the client uses both the Dijjit Realtor and the Referring Lender we will provide a 10% buyers rebate that can be used toward closing costs, to buy down their interest rate, etc.
6. The best performing agents and lenders get a better score as a result of our proprietary algorithm.  This algorithm rewards great service, communication, follow-through, responsiveness, ethics, customer-satisfaction and more.  Basically the best stay on our system and the bad actors go away.

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