The By Invitation-Only Real Estate Referral Network

Addressing the Current Housing Crisis in a Way That Makes Sense:

With the demand for home purchases at historic highs, rising prices and inventory an historic lows “The American Dream” is more challenging than ever.  Through strategic partnerships Dijjit is helping communities and individuals get onto a path of homeownership.  This includes things like:

  • Matching up people with ethical renters who are invested in helping them eventually buy a home
  • Working with local governments to provide people with services that help people get into solid housing opportunities
  • Credit counseling and repair as people prepair to buy a home
  • Educational resources and in-person consulting to help someone prepare for the home buying process
  • Qualified and quality professionals who wil ethically help them when they are ready to buy
  • Discounts, incentives and rebates that make home buyer more achievable

Helping people connect with the right real estate professionals  when they need it most

Who Are We For?

Whether you are an economic development organization looking to recruit new talent, or a property management company trying to attract and retain tenants as well as help them along their way when it is time to buy, a corporation or enterprise needing help with relocation, or a lender trying to retain the business you are generation, Dijjit is here to help.

We can help you:

  • Attract new corporations and recruit new talent to your area
  • Find new tenants and help prepare tenants to buy a permanent home
  • Relocate your employees and recruit new ones
  • Retain clients you’ve pre-approved for a loan as they begin to work with a Realtor

Quality from Beginning to End
is Our Hallmark

Our proprietary algorithm and platform tracks every referral from beginning to end.  Metrics measuring quality service throughout the process ensure high retention rates, quality referrals and a exceptional  experience.

Do a great job and get rewarded, it is as simple as that

Partners in the Dijjit Referral Program are committed to providing the best service, and are known for their professionalism, commitment to honest and open communication, ethics and reliability.  Each of our partners is individually vetted for their skill and reputation before they are allowed to join our network.

Dijjit tracks all activity involved with a referral and quantifies what is happening in a Dijjit score™.  The better you perform, the higher the score and the more referrals you get.  Failure to perform and we invite you to leave our network, thus maintaining the integrity and quality of our system.

Dijjit Score™

We work with industry leaders in every state and every major metropolitan market throughout the nation.

Here are just a few: