For Renters and Property Managers

Dijjit’s property management platform helps propery managers acquire new tenants and also help those who are moving on to get into their own home. 

Profit sharing means an easy income source, while helping your tenants get the best services and some of the largest discounts when it is time to buy.  Best of all we help educate and prepare your tenants to buy so they can have the most advantages as they enter into home ownership.

Benefits include:

  • A vetted and quality-controlled  network of real estate professionals familiar with recruiting, relocation and employee retention
  • Massive savings and discounts on a variety of home purchase expenses including:
    • Lending Credits
    • Buyer’s Agent Closing Credits
    • Discounted Mortgage Insurance
    • Discounted Moving Services
    • Hotel Discounts
    • Homeowners Insurance Discounts
    • Local business discount packages and services
    • and more
  • Educational services that help home buyers
    • Credit review and repair to help them improve their credit scores
    • Understand the home buying process
    • Useful tips to get into homes
    • Concierge services to answer questions
  • Customizable Customer Portal
    • Online portal customized to your EDO to help employers, employees and others easily get educated and enroll

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