The Dijjit Referral network was created by real estate professionals who can see the future of real estate, how much the industry is going to change and the faulty nature of real estate referrals today.
Lead generation services like Zillow and Trulia among others have extremely low conversion rates that continue to drop.  A skilled agent devoted to managing online referrals may convert 1-2% of the leads into actual sales.  Combine that with rising costs and referral fees, online lead generation is becoming all but ineffective.
In-house brokerage referral networks are slow and inefficient.  It is impossible to track progress and typically the referrals don’t go to the best agents, but the ones with the best relationship with their Relo director.  A person may or may not have a good experience and you have little control over it.  Additionally, feedback and information is slow and clunky and hard to manage.
Other referral networks are filled with tire kickers and people not serious about buying a home, which is a full-time job in itself. Additionally the nature of technology means that big changes are coming to how real estate is done and relationships are managed. 

The bottom line is this: We have facilitated the way referrals should be and have always traditionally been; real professionals referring directly to other professionals and maintaining a great relationship.

We saw an opportunity to fix a broken system by partnering with companies where great leads originate.  Lenders, financial advisors, large companies that help employees relocate, builders, schools and more that are all interfacing with people as they begin to decide to buy a home.  We are committed to rewarding the best and not allowing the riff-raff to be part of our network. 
Quality, integrity, trust, communication, and simplicity are central to our core values.  Be the best and you’ll thrive in our system.  Do a poor job and we invite you to leave.  We aren’t looking for quantity in our network, we are looking for quality.
As we developed our platform we realized that we needed to work with you and your workflow, not you with us.  We committed to integrate with the tools that you already use.  This means that Dijjit as an API based platform will integrate directly into whatever CRM you are using, and other tools like email and text messaging are your primary tools for interfacing with us.  The majority of our users never log into our platform.

Who you are:

You represent the best of your industry.  You have a great reputation, respond quickly and follow up.  You are reasonably tech savvy, know how to close a deal and understand how to work with people and give them a great experience. 
Our system monitors your performance and our proprietary algorithm tracks various quality metrics to give you a Dijjit Score™.  Users who communicate well, have high integrity, develop trust and generate great feedback and experiences for our referrals get great scores.  In other words, take great care of our leads and you’ll perform well in our system. Users who don’t perform are invited to leave the system, leaving just the very best.  
This trust means a lot to us, and without it, our network is nothing.  If you are the very best and would like to be part of our network fill out the form on this page and we’ll get back to you if we feel you are the right fit.

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